Skydive CT - Website Redesign

Skydive CT Homepage

I was on the UX/UI team for this website redesign project in fall 2016. The client asked us to develop a custom CMS theme in Concrete5. I made the style tile, wireframes, and multiple iterations of the homepage mockup based on user stories I created.

Live Website

User Personas and Scenarios

Novice/First Timers (Tandem)

Skyfive CT User

Needs for Site

  • Knows what company offers
  • Knows Location
  • Knows safety/credibility
  • Locates pricing/package
  • Knows rules
  • Can invite friends

Tasks (Importance)

  • Determines if chooses Skydive CT (high)
  • Choose package (low)
  • Reserve Skydive (high)
  • Fill Out Waiver (high)
  • Watch Safety Video (Medium)
  • Shares on Social Media (low)

User Scenarios

As a first timer, I reserve a tandem skydive with connecticut parachutes

  1. sees people enjoy the service and real people behind it
  2. determines it is credible
    • bios and credentials of staff/pilots
    • testimonials
    • partners
  3. sees location is close to home/hotel/etc
  4. looks at pricing and packages
    • see special/holiday deals
  5. chooses a package
  6. picks a date
  7. confirms reservation

Experienced Jumpers

Skyfive CT User

Needs for Site

  • Obtain information about learn to skydive program
  • Discover and book events
  • Know membership benefits and apply
  • Know what dates are devoted to non Tandem Jumps
  • Connect with other Jumpers & Pilots
  • Information to fly private plane to get dropped off

Tasks (Importance)

  • Register for Skydiving Classes (high)
  • Register for Events (high)
  • Fill out member application (medium)
  • Fill Out Waiver (high)
  • Schedule a dropzone (medium)
  • Fill out waiver (high)

User Scenarios

As an experienced jumper, I can register for Skydiving classes to become a solo skydiver

  1. Click on skydiving classes
  2. Decide is right fit
    • time
    • price
    • size
    • Instructors are credible
    • Good reveiws
  3. Register for class
  4. Enter Personal Information
    • Name
    • Age
    • Email
    • Phone Number
    • Level of Skydive Experience
    • Payment

As an experienced jumper, I can apply to be a member

  1. Learn about membership on homepage
    • Sees cool benefits
  2. Finds out full description of membership program
    • Events
    • Lower Jump Prices
    • Clubhouse Access
    • Online jump log
    • Requirements
    • Costs
    • Vote on club decisions
  3. Clicks membership application
  4. Fills it out
  5. Registers for events

As an experienced jumper, I can register for events

  1. Sees cool events on homepage/email
  2. Goes to Event Page
  3. Sees full details of event
    • Title
    • Date
    • Full Description
    • Requirements
  4. Signs up for event

Gift Buyers

Skydive CT User

Needs for Site

  • Needs to be able to see Skydive CT is credible
  • Needs to purchase and send gift certificate to someone

Tasks (Importance)

  • Purchase gift certificate (medium)
SkydiveCT Style Tile

Style Tile

Based on the logos the client provided, I developed a color pallete and the design of some features of the site.


SkydiveCT Style Wireframe
SkydiveCT Style Wireframe


1st Iteration

Skydive CT Home Mockup 1

3rd Iteration

Skydive CT Pricing Wireframe

6th Iteration

Skydive CT Pricing Wireframe