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I was the project manager and one of the UX/UI designers and front end developers for this website redesign. I lead my team through user research, iterative website design, and a custom site developed in Wordpress.

Live Website

Defining the Problem...

Field Research

Volunteering Pack Leaders

Old Website Analysis

Pack Leaders old website

Interviews With the Client

Interview Montana Pack Leaders
  • Old website (penalized by search engines for non-modern practices)
  • Unprofessional impression
  • Not media responsive
  • Confusing information architecture
  • Inconsistent branding
  • Lack of “campaigns” or efforts to promote donations, volunteering, events
  • Lack of system capable of managing campaigns, events, and volunteers

Understanding The Users...

High Level User Goals:

1) People want to impact the lives of dogs and cats who need help

2) Adoptors want a pet that reaches their personal/family needs

Proto Personas

Pack Leaders Proto Persona

Primary Audience: Donors/Volunteers (Karen)

  • Has already adopted a dog from PLR years ago; is very happy with her dog
  • Is so happy with the organization that she is willing to donate money
  • Has time to kill while kids at school, so wants to figure out how and where she can volunteer

Needs for the Site

  • Able to get information about organization to make decision to donate
  • Able to donate in a few simple clicks (obvi -Able to donate in a few simple clicks (obvious call-to-action) - paypal
  • Full transparency of where money going
  • Can Write a Testimonial
  • Share on her social media that she donated
  • Clearly see when and where to volunteer
  • Able to book volunteer with a simple form
Pack Leaders Proto Persona

Secondary Audience: Pet Adopters (Steve)

  • Is in late 20s and has stable job
  • Has never owned a pet before
  • Knows that he wants an active big dog

Needs for the Site

  • Information for why he should choose pack leaders over other local dog rescues
  • Simple explanation of application process
  • Navigate and filter available dogs
  • Information on how to meet dog- event dates, event location, contact info
  • Share on social media new dog; write testimonial
  • Advice for new pet owners-training, health, etc.
Pack Leaders Proto Persona

Secondary Audience: Pack Leaders Staff (Erin)

  • Mediocre tech-savviness
  • Is busy taking care of tasks in shelter- need quick and simple way to maintain site
  • Wants to update events, volunteer opportuni -Wants to update events, volunteer opportunities, and dog listings with a few simple clicks

Needs for the Site

  • CMS platform: Wordpress
  • If change specific content on one page, changes on all pages
  • If upload photos on social media, on site somewhere

Information Architecture

Task Analysis

I complete a task analysis in a mind map format to understand and analyze the high level and most important activities of users to influence the information architecture.

Full Mind Map

Site Map

Pack Leaders Site Map

Design Thinking Ideation Sessions

Pack Leaders Sketch Pack Leaders Sketch
Pack Leaders Sketch
Pack Leaders Sketch

Wireframes (Iterated A Couple Times)

packleaders Home Wireframe
packleaders Pricing Wireframe
packleaders Pricing Wireframe
Pack Leaders Style Tile


packleaders Mockup
packleaders Mockup
packleaders Mockup